Big Beer Band - Playing Every Monday
The Oval Tavern
131 Oval Rd,
Croydon CR0 6BR

The band has seen many, many musicians in its time. Below are a list of most of them.
Active Musicians are Bold.
Underlined means that they have an email address and are willing to be contacted.
Note: if you have done the band and wish to have your name added or altered to inlcude a web site or email addres then please call the bandleader.
If you have died and wish to be taken off the list I can be contacted at a medium on

Neil Boxall(Bass)
Paul Charmichael(Bass)
Gary Cribb(Bass)
Glynn Evans(Bass)
Dave Hage(Bass)
Derek Kay(Bass)
Rob Levy(Bass)
Steve McManus(Bass)
Patrick Moore(Bass)
Dominique Palmer(Bass)
joe Pettit(Bass) | www
Alan Prosser(Bass)
Peter Ringrose(Bass)
Neil Williams(Bass)
Mike Wood(Bass)
Darren Altman(Drums)
Buster Birch(Drums) | www
Buster Birch(Drums) | www
Ollie Blackman(Drums)
Mike Bradley(Drums)
Pete Cator(Drums)
Barry Cook(Drums)
Chris Dagley(Drums)
Harold Fisher(Drums)
Ian Green(Drums)
Andy Hage(Drums)
Chris Higgins(Drums)
Gordon Livesey(Drums)
Dave May(Drums)
Darren Moony(Drums)
Mike Osbourne(Drums)
Daisy Palmer(Drums)
Mathew Senior(Drums)
Shane Mills(Other)
Gareth Roberts(Other)
Danny Waldman(Other)
John Beaumont(Piano)
Clive Dunstall(Piano)
Steve Hill(Piano)
Don Hunt(Piano)
Melt Kinston(Piano)
Richard Madgewick(Piano)
Rodney Mendossa(Piano)
Jim Treweek(Piano) | www
Nick Beston(Sax) | www
Mel Bush(Sax)
Ken Butcher(Sax)
Jimmy Cannon(Sax)
Michael Coates(Sax)
Nigels Craneb(Sax) | www
Lisa Davies(Sax)
Martin Dunstan(Sax)
Paul Fawcus(Sax)
Ray Fletcher(Sax)
Joe Fooks(Sax) | www
Neil Franks(Sax)
Ian Fraser(Sax)
Scott Garland(Sax)
Will Gibson(Sax)
Piers Green(Sax)
Cliff Hardy(Sax)
Matt Hope(Sax)
Nicky Hutchins(Sax)
Anna Jordanous(Sax)
Peter Long(Sax)
Sammy Mayne(Sax)
Howard McGill(Sax)
Clare McInerny(Sax)
Bob McKay(Sax)
John ONeil(Sax)
Lucy Palmer(Sax)
Kelvin Parker(Sax)
Laura Parker(Sax)
Scott Povey(Sax)
Barry Shaw(Sax)
Paul Summers(Sax)
Adam Talbot(Sax)
Matt Waites(Sax)
Don Weller(Sax)
Dougie Woodcock(Sax)
Don Wright(Sax)
Reg Brooks(Trombone)
Andy Froo(Trombone)
Pat Hartley(Trombone)
Alison Henry(Trombone)
Phil Judge(Trombone)
John Matthews(Trombone)
Keiron ONeil(Trombone)
Ralph Pearson(Trombone)
Collin Philpot(Trombone)
Duncan Reakes(Trombone)
Colin Skinner(Trombone)
Darren Smith(Trombone)
Dave Taylor(Trombone)
Chris Traves(Trombone)
Alistair Warren(Trombone)
Geoff Wright(Trombone)
Mick Ball(Trumpet)
Peter Bevis(Trumpet)
Stuart Brooks(Trumpet)
Mark Chandler(Trumpet)
Peter Cooper(Trumpet)
Mark Cumberland(Trumpet)
Mike Davis(Trumpet)
Chris Hickox(Trumpet)
Paul Higgs(Trumpet)
Steve Jones(Trumpet)
Paul Jordanous(Trumpet)
Miles LeVogeur(Trumpet)
Jon Lee(Trumpet)
Darren Lloyd(Trumpet)
Fred Maxwell(Trumpet)
Pete Middleton(Trumpet)
Cass Minami(Trumpet)
Harry Moffat(Trumpet)
Dick Pearce(Trumpet)
Dave Plews(Trumpet)
Patrick Price(Trumpet)
Graham Russell(Trumpet)
John Scott(Trumpet)
Martin Shaw(Trumpet)
Rob Sneddon(Trumpet) | www
Ian Wood(Trumpet)
Anton Browne(Vocals) | www
Jacqui Hicks(Vocals)
Jenny Howe(Vocals) | www
Emer McParland(Vocals) | www
Sue Rivers(Vocals)